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Make a difference

Homemade is a global fundraising initiative bringing people together around our shared love of food! With online cooking classes taught by some of the world’s most celebrated chefs Homemade offers an opportunity to sharpen your culinary skills and join a virtual community from the comfort of your own home – all while supporting UNICEF’s largest ever appeal, protecting children affected by coronavirus.

Three Simple Steps

How It Works

Book Your Ticket

Choose a date and time that’s suitable, and buy your ticket on our ticketing page! Proceeds will support UNICEF.


You will be sent your ingredients list before hand so you are all set to cook alongside the masters!

Log On

Purchasing a ticket will provide you with the Zoom password. Charge up your laptop or tablet, set it up comfortably in your kitchen, log on and cook along!

The Initiative


Homemade offers a series of online cooking classes taught by world-class chefs, aimed at a truly global audience. Our vision is for people to come together – virtually – from their homes, around a shared love of food and desire to learn a new skill! Participants can purchase a ticket, log on to Zoom, and make a meal while making a difference. Proceeds will support UNICEF’s coronavirus appeal. We recognise that the hospitality industry has been acutely affected by the pandemic. This initiative allows us all to support chefs and staff that have been directly impacted.

Homemade is hosted by UNICEF Next Generation London and UNICEF Next Generation US.

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Make A Meal, Make A Difference

Participating Chefs

Alex Hill
Alex Hill
Akrame Benallal
Arnaud Faye

Past Chefs

Chef Imad Syrian Kitchen
Dinner Ladies
Sanne Vloet
Didier Elena
Eden Grinsphan
Arnaud Faye

The Appeal

This year, coronavirus has turned all of our lives upside-down. Face masks, social distancing and working from home have all become part of our new normal. But for the world’s most vulnerable children the impact has been much more severe. And for many of them, this crisis is only just beginning.

So far over one billion children have missed out on their education due to school closures. And it is not just education that is being disrupted. As health services are redirected to tackle the pandemic, millions of children are missing out on routine vaccinations for diseases like measles. It is estimated that an additional 6,000 children are dying every day due to these health service disruptions.

Coronavirus is the biggest global crisis for children since World War II. In response, UNICEF launched its largest ever emergency appeal in March 2020. Donations to date have allowed UNICEF to enable hundreds of millions of children to access home-based learning opportunities, equip millions of health workers with PPE, and reach billions of people with coronavirus prevention messages.

But there is still so much to be done.  In a pandemic, handwashing saves lives. Yet one billion people can’t even access basic facilities. With our support UNICEF can work to make handwashing accessible for all. Vaccine campaigns for diseases like measles have been put on hold due to coronavirus. With our support, UNICEF can make sure these unvaccinated children get protected.

Coronavirus has put the futures of a whole generation of children at risk. UNICEF is at the forefront of the humanitarian community, working to respond, to recover and to reimagine a world fit for every child – but they can’t do it without our support.

Buy tickets to a class through our ticketing page – all proceeds support UNICEF’s Covid-19 appeal.
Classes are taught over Zoom. After your purchase, you will receive your unique login information.
Participants will be sent a full ingredients list ahead of time so you are fully prepared for your session!
On the day of the event, make sure you have all your ingredients, and your laptop or tablet fully charged and set up in your kitchen.
At the time of your session, tune in and cook along with your favourite chefs! Each session will last approximately 1.5 hrs – 2 hrs.
Bon Appetit! Make sure to tag us in photos of your delicious creations @HomemadeForUnicef

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If you’re a chef and would like to learn more, or for general enquiries please email:


If you would like to find out more about UNICEF’s work please email or visit the UNICEF website via