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Didier Elena

02 May 2021

Akrame Benallal

During this class, you will cook alongside Chef Akrame Benallal. The session will take place on Sunday 2 May 2021 at 6pm GMT / 1pm EST. The dish and recipe will be announced soon.

Akrame Benallal is a French 2 Michelin star chef who showcases the taste of his childhood memories in Algeria alongside his professional experiennce in France. Akrame began his career working alongside exceptional chefs, including at the restaurant El Bulli and Chateau des Sept Tours. In 2011, he opened his eponymous restaurant in Paris focusing on seasonal and local produce, and was quickly awarded a Michelin star. Chef Akrame went on to open other concepts including: Atelier Vivanda, Vivanda Burger, Shirvan Cafe Metisse, Mad’leine, and in 2017 he opened A’Plum.

Jake Cohen

13 May 2021

Alex Hill

Alex Hill is a D.C. born and now Brooklyn based, self-taught cook with a passion for making food that’s fun, functional, and affordable. Her affinity for cooking developed at an early age watching her mother, Evelyn, create mouthwatering dishes for their family combining both her Puerto Rican and African-American heritages. Young Alex had a knack for creating in the kitchen and never left her mother’s side – eventually taking over the cooking duties. At age 12, Alex’s first dish was a Vanilla Lime Flan and the rest is history!
In 2017, she created Just Add Hot Sauce as an outlet to show an expression of love to the people you care about the most … through their stomachs. From dinner parties and blogging recipes to teaching cooking classes and trying new techniques, cooking is what brings her joy. Whether you want to add a little flavor in your recipe or a boost in your day, you can always get a kick when you Just Add Hot Sauce!
Eric Ripert

23 May 2021

Eric Ripert

Eric Ripert is the chef and co-owner of the acclaimed New York restaurant Le Bernardin. Born in Antibes, France, Ripert moved to Andorra, a small country just over the Spanish border as a young child. His family instilled their own passion for food in the young Ripert, and at the age of 15 he left home to attend culinary school in Perpignan. At 17, he moved to Paris and cooked at the legendary La Tour D’Argent before taking a position at the Michelin three-starred Jamin. After fulfilling his military service, Ripert returned to Jamin under Joel Robuchon to serve as chef poissonier.

In 1989, Ripert seized the opportunity to work under Jean-Louis Palladin as sous-chef at Jean Louis at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. Ripert moved to New York in 1991, working briefly as David Bouley’s sous-chef before Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze recruited him as chef for Le Bernardin. Ripert has since firmly established himself as one of New York’s— and the world’s—great chefs.
In September 2014, Ripert and Le Coze opened Aldo Sohm Wine Bar, named for their acclaimed wine director Aldo Sohm. That same month, the two expanded Le Bernardin’s private dining offerings with Le Bernardin Privé, a dynamic space above Aldo Sohm Wine Bar that can accommodate a range of events.

Ripert is the Vice Chairman of the board of City Harvest, working to bring together New York’s top chefs and restaurateurs to raise funds and increase the quality and quantity of food donations to New York’s neediest. When not in the kitchen, Ripert enjoys good scotch and peace and quiet.

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